One Small but Powerful Word

…but wait, if you call now, you’ll receive a second set of (fill in the blank)  absolutely FREE!  Buy two – Get one FREE!  Free Delivery – Free Interest. Free this – Free that!

There’s a reason some of the top advertising copywriters in the world lean on the word FREE… It Works!

One of the “prime” reasons Amazon and all online shopping has become so popular so quickly is in large part due to two words, “FREE DELIVERY”.  But the appeal of “free” extends far beyond online marketing.  Free is a powerful and compelling purchase motivator in virtually every business category.

In his book, Predictably Irrational, Dan Ariely tested the word “free” with candy, specifically, Lindt’s Truffle and Hersey’s Kiss.  When the Lindt Truffle was priced at 15 cents and the Hersey’s Kiss priced at 1 cent, 73% of participants choose the Lindt Truffle. When a different group was offered the same products each for a penny less, Lindt at 14 cents and Hersey’s for free, 69% chose the Hersey’s Kiss.

But using the word FREE comes with caution; using it too much or without a compelling offer can lead to the risk of customers being suspicious.

In our 23 Free Strategies to Increase Sales, one of the strategies is to offer a free “buyer’s guide” online or at your location. Consumers today are hungry for knowledge and want to reassure themselves they’ve made the best possible buying decision based upon that knowledge. This tactic can attract new prospects and guide them to prefer the features of the products you sell.

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