Your 2021 Marketing Plan

2020 is thankfully coming to an end, and you have made it through another year in an increasingly competitive and complex environment!

Congratulations! But how is your future looking?

Peter Drucker, who has been described as “the founder of modern business management” said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” 

Your challenge for 2021 is not so much to predict what kind of year you will have as it is to plan and implement the actions necessary to create the outcome you want.

You may have heard this before, but we are about to share with you the single most important thing about planning your marketing for the year ahead. The most important thing about planning your marketing is…… Planning Your Marketing!

All too often, amidst trying to run a business and planning ahead, marketing goes to the bottom of the pile to be looked after “tomorrow”. And, like the sign at the neighborhood pub that reads, “Free beer, tomorrow”… you know they’ll never have to give free beer away because the sign never changes and tomorrow always remains a day away!

Everything you do, from hiring your new sales manager to renewing your lease and ordering your merchandise, has a deadline. But, marketing and advertising decisions always seem to be able to be postponed.

Businesses that don’t plan often end up doing last-minute knee-jerk promotions in reaction to their competition, rather than strategically holding the course to build their brand.

One of the cornerstones to any successful business plan is a well thought out marketing plan. Click here to read the 10 Planning Questions you need to answer to prepare your successful 2021 marketing plan.

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