Success Before Advertising

Many businesses make the mistake of depending upon advertising to build their way to high awareness levels.

Let’s be clear, advertising can’t make a bad business a good business, but a well-run business with great advertising is a very hard business to compete with.

McDonald’s outsells the number two and three burger chains combined.  Do they have better burgers than their competitors?  No!  Home Depot and Lowes are dominating the home improvement category, but do they have better products than the local stores? No!  In both cases, though, they do have a better perception, a better reputation, a better strategy, and better advertising. If a local store or even another national chain is winning in your market, it’s because they are winning in perception, reputation, strategy, and advertising.

This rule doesn’t apply to just the big boys and girls.  Go into any small market, turn on the radio, and you’ll find businesses that are dominating their category. Typically, they too are running a very clean business inside and they compound the efforts with great advertising.

In most categories, the first business that consumers think of will outsell the second and third place businesses combined. Most businesses understand how important consumer awareness of their business is. In fact, Share of Voice nearly always = Share of Mind, and ultimately, it leads to Share of Market.

If your business is not already getting repeat business and referrals, you will not be able to maximize the return on your advertising investment. Fixing the inside of your business should be a priority before attempting to attract new customers.

If you are getting repeats and referrals, advertising is one of the most powerful tools you can use to multiply that success.

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