In a world that continues to get more complicated and over-communicated, the acronym KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) can be some very wise words to live by.

In the world of advertising (both complicated and over-communicated) trying to be “too fancy” and trying to reach “too many people” can be a very expensive mistake.

Creative advertising can be very, very powerful. However, it’s like dynamite! In the hands of the right person, it can be very effective. In the wrong hands, it can be very destructive. The problem is that creativity alone isn’t a key to success. If you do not answer the four questions effectively, being too creative can be a waste of words… and money!

Your potential customers want to know “who” you are (your business name), “what” you do (what product or service you provide), “how” to find you (your email or physical address), and “why” they should consider doing business with you.

Sometimes, it’s best to KISS – Keep it simple S _ _ _ id!

4 Things Consumers Need to Know About You

Who – What – When – Where… WHY!

These are the four basic things people need to know about your business to potentially consider doing business with you.

“Why” replaces “When” except when you are running an event.  Then, you must answer the “when” and “why” isn’t as important.

Keep in mind that advertising does not sell your product or service; it can only make a person “consider” doing business with you. It’s up to you to close the deal.

Marketing deals in the world of perceptions. If the consumer perceives that you are offering a worthy product or service, they may consider doing business with you.

All advertising messages, whether creative or simple, need to answer four questions:

1.) Who/Your Name: The only way to be sure to be found online is when consumers search for your business by name. Your marketing mission is to have prospects and customers think of you first, over your competitors.

2.) What: What products and/or services do you offer? Very simple, we must explain the products and services you offer to reach your potential customers. Uncover what makes your products different or unique.  Again, keep it simple.

3.) Where/The primary way to contact you: We can’t remember your street address, phone number, email address, and web address all at the same time. Choose the method your customers most often use to contact you, and promote that…your address if they “drop in”, your phone number if they call for quotes or appointments, and your web address if they’re more likely to research you online before shopping, etc. The best bet in today’s world is typically your website.

4.) Why: Why should the consumer do business with you? Last, but certainly not least! One strong verifiable reason….not a laundry list of reasons. Quite simply, why should they bypass four of your competitors to do business with you? That single reason should be highlighted in your slogan or audio identity in every ad, in every media you use.

It’s tempting to try to implant a long list of your business’s benefits with your marketing, but staying focused on one consistent message will brand you ahead of competitors who try to be all things to all people.

Ask yourself, “What’s the first thing I want people to think of when they hear my name?” then stay on message with that message.

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