Happy Always Wins  

You would think that everyone would know that the #1 rule in running a business is… make sure your employees are ALWAYS happy!

The key to having happy employees starts at the top. If the boss ain’t happy, chances are the employees aren’t happy and, most often, it shows!

Employees who like their jobs are ten times more likely to deliver good service than those who are unhappy with their situation.

As owners and managers we far too often zero in on those things that employees do wrong, and we take for granted the things they do right.

Psychologists will tell you, “Behaviors that get rewarded get repeated”.  If you want your staff to exhibit more customer-friendly behaviors, you need to recognize those behaviors.

When it comes to creating a culture of happiness, start at the beginning. Tip #1 in the Twelve Ways to Create Happy Employees is Hire Based on Attitude, Effort, and Honesty.  Attitude will win over skill nearly every time. Skills can be taught; attitudes are hard to change.  Effort nearly always follows attitude one way or the other, and you can never go wrong with hiring based on honesty.

Happy, ALWAYS Wins! Happy employees make happy customers and happy customers create positive word of mouth advertising.

To improve morale and productivity in your company, click here and read the Twelve Ways to Create Happy Employees.  

Bonus: When you click thru, you will see a quick formula that will help you calculate the REAL value of each employee!

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