For years, when we needed to hire, we could simply run an ad in the classifieds or post a “We’re Hiring” sign, and voila, they would line up at your door. That is not the case today.

Regardless of the form of employee recruitment communication you use, either written or spoken, Be Creative!  Talk about the things your company or this position has that are exciting and will appeal to potential employees.

Here are 8 ideas to help you make your recruitment efforts more exciting:

#1: Open-Ended Job Posting or Messages:  Be secretive. Don’t mention the details of the job or position; only talk about or mention the FUN and POSITIVE things that make working for your company fun, exciting, and rewarding.

#2: Use Humor:  If you can incorporate humor into the recruitment message, you’ll capture more eyes and ears.  Example:  “WARNING: Trespassers will be Hired” or, “Now Hiring: Even the Long-Haired Freaky People can now Apply!”

#3: Create a Name for your Team of Employees:  Do you have a name for your group?  A few examples might be:  “The Clean Team” (cleaning service or dental office), “Tire Kicker Helpers” (automotive sales), “The Cool Team- Some are Hot, Some are Cold” (HVAC company), “Come Join the Power of Peska” (Construction company).

#4: Name of the Position:  Get creative with this. Most positions have a “Professional” title or name. Instead of IT Specialist, say IT Guru. Instead of Educational Assistant, say, “We’re looking for special people who help make a child’s day better”. Instead of Automotive Mechanic, maybe use Professional Grease Monkey.

#5: Post Employee Videos:  Have some of your most outgoing and best employees tell WHY working for your company is fun and rewarding.

#6:  Create a Recruitment Video:  Create a video, post it on your website or social outlets, and promote it in every way you can.  Have Fun! Show the fun and exciting parts of your company and work environment.

#7 Host an After-Hours Open House:  Invite the public to come to your open house, serve food and drink, give tours, and have current employees talk about what it’s like working for your company.

#8: Use your Customers as a Center-of-Influence:  Make your customers your recruiters.  Either hand each customer a “Now Hiring” card or create a “Now Hiring” poster” on a sheet of paper and place in it the bag. Again, be creative!  Your customers just might know someone who might be looking for an opportunity.