Building Trust

Today, more than ever, successful business owners know that the route to higher closing ratios and sales is built upon stronger customer relationships, and the single most important element to building and keeping relationships is built upon trust.

“Trust” is defined as, “Confidence in a person or thing because of the qualities one perceives in them”. Your advertising, your website, and your front line people can create the qualities your prospects perceive in you and cause them to choose you over your competitors when they go online.

The internet has changed everything!  Not only has it changed the way people buy, but it has also changed the way people think about your business. When prices and promises seem to be similar on every review and website, “trust” becomes the great tiebreaker.

If your customer count and page views are not reflected in your sales, you need to examine three key areas:

1.) Does your advertising pre-sell customers and build realistic expectations?

2.) Does your website answer the questions your customers are asking?

3.) Are your front line salespeople competent and confident?

The powerful three-way marketing of credible advertising to pre-sell your prospects, combined with helpful websites/Facebook pages and knowledgeable salespeople to improve your closing ratios, will increase your sales.

In the Top 10 Trust Techniques, Technique Number 1 is: Train Your People in Product Knowledge.  Selling is merely a transference of confidence.  If your people have confidence in the quality and value you deliver, that confidence will be transferred to your prospects when they ask questions or hear a presentation.

Contact one of our Marketing Consultants to review our Top 10 Trust Techniques to create a pre-need trust and preference for your website and your salespeople.  At Titan Broadcasting and Digital Group, our success is based on making you successful too!