Breaking the Tie.

Being different is sometimes all that is needed to break the tie.

In a retail world that’s changing faster than the speed of sound, it continues to be more difficult to stand out among the crowd. Regardless if you own a retail store or you have a business in a service or professional category, it’s imperative that you have a clear and compelling reason for consumers to choose you over your competitors.

At this very moment, people have a need or a want to buy the products or services you sell. Their next decision is the all-important one. Where will they choose to buy and why?

First, let’s be honest.  For a certain percentage of people, price is all that matters, and you may or may not even be in the conversation.  But when price isn’t the only criteria, that’s when you have a shot.  Will it come down to a relationship, an emotional connection created from strong advertising, or a past experience, good or bad?

If you can’t compete on price, what platform or strategy can you compete on?

The key is getting people to know you and your business and know about your business BEFORE they need the products or services you sell.

Developing your tiebreaker, a consistent business strategy you can use to differentiate your business in your advertising and marketing, can be a challenging task but well worth the effort.

Once you’ve clearly established your competitive difference (strategy), your challenge is to develop a unique and memorable way to consistently highlight that competitive tiebreaker.

If you would like help in creating your unique difference, click here to receive our Ten Tiebreaking Strategies as thought-starters for this important exercise. If you would like additional help, give me a call and we will help you conduct a creative brainstorming or storyboarding session.

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