Why Titan?

Titan Broadcasting and Digital Group is your local marketing partner.  Home to The New Mix 107.3, KGRS and 101.7 The Bull, KBKB-FM. Titan provides marketing solutions for clients in Southeast Iowa and West Central Illinois both on-air and online.


Keep it Normal… as Possible

Keep it Normal… as Possible I think we can all agree that the past two weeks have been as far from “business as usual” as we have quite possibly ever seen. Words most used to describe our current state are uncharted, nightmare, challenged, uncertainty, new normal, and...

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Titan Employee Spotlight:  Savanna Evans

Titan Employee Spotlight:  Savanna Evans Hometown:  Burlington, IA How long have you been with Titan Broadcasting and Digital Group?  I’ve been with this company for about a year and a half now.  However, I began working in radio while I was in high school and have...

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Lead Like Jack

Considered one of the greatest CEOs of all time, Jack Welch passed away on March 1st, 2020.  Jack was the CEO of General Electric (GE) from 1981-2001.  He is known for changing the way leaders lead.  His style was to hire the best people, let the people do the work,...

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Why do I Need Local SEO?

Get Your Advertisers Found In Online Searches With Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Wrong local data and inconsistent NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) costs businesses in the U.S. more than $10 billion in potential sales each year. Incorporating an...

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Avoiding Marketing Mistakes

There’s an old saying in advertising that states, “All advertising mediums work if you know how to work the medium”.   The challenge for a business owner today is knowing what mediums they should be investing in. How many mediums at one time are too many?  Is there a...

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Breaking the Tie

Breaking the Tie. Being different is sometimes all that is needed to break the tie. In a retail world that’s changing faster than the speed of sound, it continues to be more difficult to stand out among the crowd. Regardless if you own a retail store or you have a...

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One Small but Powerful Word

One Small but Powerful Word …but wait, if you call now, you’ll receive a second set of (fill in the blank)  absolutely FREE!  Buy two – Get one FREE!  Free Delivery – Free Interest. Free this - Free that! There’s a reason some of the top advertising copywriters in the...

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The Foundation of Your Digital House

The foundation of your house provides solid support for your home to withstand life. It anchors the walls, it holds up your roof. That’s pretty significant! Think of your digital presence like that house. And your website is its solid foundation that the rest of your...

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Big Returns on Little Things

Big Returns on Little Things In today’s business economy you need referrals and repeat business more than ever! Nothing impacts the way your customers feel about your business more than the way you and your people treat them. Ensuring that your people create a...

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This is the best radio station ever! Alway promoting the community and bring them together.

Sarah Lynn

The single best radio group in the tri-state area. The people are very helpful. A friend of mine advertised with them. And had an amazing response to their live broadcast. I also met a couple of the DJ’s they were absolutely the nicest people.


If I want our message to go out to the people Titan Broadcasting is who we call. One of just a few media companies around who I feel spends my marketing money the right way. We get instant results for our Real Estate Team and our clients appreciate that.

Brian Hopkins

Century 21 Property Professional

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If you have competitors working to attract your customers, or if you want to consistently grow your sales and make more money, then advertising is a necessity. Radio can reach on-the-go consumers and allows you to establish a special relationship with consumers.