Why Titan?

Titan Broadcasting and Digital Group is your local marketing partner.  Home to The New Mix 107.3, KGRS and 101.7 The Bull, KBKB-FM. Titan provides marketing solutions for clients in Southeast Iowa and West Central Illinois both on-air and online.


The Duck is Ready 

There’s an old story about a group of big-city folks who went on a bus tour to Henry’s Farm where they worked all day in the fields to experience rural life, firsthand. At the end of the day, they assembled on Farmer Henry’s front porch, tired and hungry, waiting for...

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Are You Saying, “The Duck is Ready to Eat”?

Discussing Farmer Henry’s statement; “The duck is ready to eat”, certainly makes it clear how easy it is for messages to be misinterpreted. In today’s over-communicated marketplace, creating effective advertising messages is increasingly difficult. In his landmark...

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Be Your Own Devil’s Advocate

You’ve heard the old expression about being too close to the forest to see the trees? As a business owner, it’s easy to fall into this trap. You have a lot going on and a lot of different things to think about, every day! Some spend so much time focusing on mending...

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Devil’s Advocate Questions

We’re often so busy working in our businesses, that we don’t take the time to work ON our businesses. We recommend you spend a little time every month to sit down with someone who can challenge your answers to these seven tough questions. 1.)  If you replaced your...

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Car Wash Blues

Two competing car dealers returned from a “Customer Satisfaction Seminar” determined to delight their customers.  Coincidentally, both decided to offer free car washes to every service customer after every service. While the offer was the same, the way in which they...

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The 12 Word-of-Mouth Moments of Truth

1. Exceed Customer Expectations “Good” isn’t good enough. Good service is taken for granted and seldom gets talked about. You need systems to ensure every customer’s experience is greater than the customer’s expectation. Only memorable over-the-top experiences get...

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It Takes All Types

Managing Different Personalities Most businesses, regardless of the business category or type of work, have a plethora of different personalities.  Keeping them all happy can be a challenge. There are four basic personality traits: Type A, B, C & D, more...

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7 Personality Traits of Top Salespeople

After interviewing 1000 top salespeople, Steven W. Martin wrote an article that appeared in the Harvard Business Journal titled, “7 Personality Traits of Top Salespeople”.  These 7 traits are: 1) Modesty. Not arrogant and they position the team, as opposed to...

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The Message vs The Media

In the never-ending maze of online media, on-air media, outdoor media, direct mail, and print media, business owners often ask, “Which media works best?” or, “Which media platform will give me the highest return on my investment?” If you ask an honest and...

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This is the best radio station ever! Alway promoting the community and bring them together.

Sarah Lynn

The single best radio group in the tri-state area. The people are very helpful. A friend of mine advertised with them. And had an amazing response to their live broadcast. I also met a couple of the DJ’s they were absolutely the nicest people.


If I want our message to go out to the people Titan Broadcasting is who we call. One of just a few media companies around who I feel spends my marketing money the right way. We get instant results for our Real Estate Team and our clients appreciate that.

Brian Hopkins

Century 21 Property Professional

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If you have competitors working to attract your customers, or if you want to consistently grow your sales and make more money, then advertising is a necessity. Radio can reach on-the-go consumers and allows you to establish a special relationship with consumers.