Why Titan?

Titan Broadcasting and Digital Group is your local marketing partner.  Home to The New Mix 107.3, KGRS and 101.7 The Bull, KBKB-FM. Titan provides marketing solutions for clients in Southeast Iowa and West Central Illinois both on-air and online.


Upcoming Changes to Google Analytics

The Upcoming Changes to Google Analytics As folks who live in the digital space, we’ve all been hearing about Google’s switch from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 for at least a year. Well, the deadline for this switch is finally upon us! On July 1, 2023,...

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We are Hiring!

Country Afternoon On-Air Personality and Board Operator – Southeast, IA: Titan Broadcasting & Digital Group, in Burlington, IA, is hiring for a full time on-air personality and board operator for 101.7 The Bull, KBKB-FM and The New Mix 107.3, KGRS.  We are looking...

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A Self-Evaluation of Your Business

If your business is successful, it’s easy to justify doing the same things that got you there. However, ultra-successful businesses are always looking for ways to get better.

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KISS – Keep It Simple ST _ _ID!

In a world that continues to get more complicated and over-communicated, the acronym KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) can be some very wise words to live by. In the world of advertising (both complicated and over-communicated) trying to be “too fancy” and trying to reach “too many people” can be a very expensive mistake.

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The Little Things Add Up!

In today’s business economy you need referrals and repeat business more than ever! Nothing impacts the way your customers feel about your business more than the way you and your people treat them. Ensuring that your people create a positive customer experience every...

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Indeed Gets It!

As a business owner, what is your biggest challenge in running your business? Before you continue reading, stop and think about this for 30-seconds. (30-sec pause….) Let me guess, it didn’t take 30 seconds for you to come up with your answer. We are willing to bet...

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Marketing Through a Recession

The first recorded recession in the United States was in 1797. Since then, there have been 17 additional recessions and one depression (The Great Depression 1929-1939) with the latest recession being in 2020, caused by the COVID pandemic. As a business owner or...

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We are Hiring!

Titan Broadcasting is hiring for a full time on-air personality and board operator for 101.7 The Bull, KBKB-FM and The New Mix 107.3, KGRS.

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This is the best radio station ever! Alway promoting the community and bring them together.

Sarah Lynn

The single best radio group in the tri-state area. The people are very helpful. A friend of mine advertised with them. And had an amazing response to their live broadcast. I also met a couple of the DJ’s they were absolutely the nicest people.


If I want our message to go out to the people Titan Broadcasting is who we call. One of just a few media companies around who I feel spends my marketing money the right way. We get instant results for our Real Estate Team and our clients appreciate that.

Brian Hopkins

Century 21 Property Professional

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If you have competitors working to attract your customers, or if you want to consistently grow your sales and make more money, then advertising is a necessity. Radio can reach on-the-go consumers and allows you to establish a special relationship with consumers.