Why Titan?

Titan Broadcasting and Digital Group is your local marketing partner.  Home to The New Mix 107.3, KGRS and 101.7 The Bull, KBKB-FM. Titan provides marketing solutions for clients in Southeast Iowa and West Central Illinois both on-air and online.


Avoid Marketing Mistakes

There’s an old saying in advertising that states, “All advertising mediums work if you know how to work the medium”.   The challenge for a business owner today is knowing what mediums they should be investing in. How many mediums at one time are too many?  Is there a...

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“The 10 Most Common Mistakes in Marketing”

Article by Roy H. Williams 1. Inappropriate Use of Social Media The whole world is on Facebook, but is that the right place for your product or service to be advertised? To get a clear idea of the kinds of offers that are working well on Facebook, go to the Success...

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Features Vs Benefits

Every year there are millions of drills sold across North America. But here’s the crazy thing…not one person who bought a drill wanted a drill! What they really wanted were holes!  If another tool would have made the holes faster, better, easier, or cheaper they would have bought that tool, not the drill.

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Measuring Your Media Mix

Human beings are stubborn animals. Reaching them when they are ready to buy is of little use, especially when they are biased towards your competitor or unfamiliar with you.

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Etched In Stone

Nothing is set in stone, being flexible allows you to help turn your unhappy clients into more happy and rewarding clients!

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This is the best radio station ever! Alway promoting the community and bring them together.

Sarah Lynn

The single best radio group in the tri-state area. The people are very helpful. A friend of mine advertised with them. And had an amazing response to their live broadcast. I also met a couple of the DJ’s they were absolutely the nicest people.


If I want our message to go out to the people Titan Broadcasting is who we call. One of just a few media companies around who I feel spends my marketing money the right way. We get instant results for our Real Estate Team and our clients appreciate that.

Brian Hopkins

Century 21 Property Professional

Free Consultation

If you have competitors working to attract your customers, or if you want to consistently grow your sales and make more money, then advertising is a necessity. Radio can reach on-the-go consumers and allows you to establish a special relationship with consumers.