Our Team

Sales Staff

L.J. Pritchard, General Manager, lj@titanburlington.com

Amy Burkhart, Marketing Consultant, amyburkhart@titanburlington.com

Pat Curtis, Marketing Consultant, patcurtis@titanburlington.com

Rikki Garrett, Marketing Consultant, rikkigarrett@titanburlington.com


Programming Staff

Steve King, Director of Programming Operations, 101.7 The Bull Middays steve@1017thebull.com

Steven Parker, 101.7 The Bull Mornings parker@1017thebull.com

Jason, On-Air Personality, The New Mix 107.3 Mornings Jason@thenewmix.com

Polly Peterson, On-Air Personality, polly@1017thebull.com

Landon Mitchell, Public Service Coordinator/On-Air Personality, landon@thenewmix.com

Mercedes Young, Super Woman / Production Director/On-Air Personality, production@titanburlington.com